DETAKTHERM Thermal Conductive Foil and Pad Material (TIM)

Thermal Interface Material (TIM)
DETAKTA offers a broad range of TIM which include thin foil material from 0.15 mm to thick glass reinforced soft gap filling material up to 6 mm thickness


SB-HIS – 1,0 bis 5,0 W/mK
Thermal conductive and electrically isolating silicone glass material with a smooth, soft surface which allow good contact. The glass reinforcement gives the dimensional and mechanical stability. SB-HIS type material is suitable for low force mounting methods like spring clip clamping. Material is naturally not sticky but can be supplied with a sticky surface which eliminates the need of additional adhesive. If needed an adhesive type is available.
DETAKTA Type Color W/mK
SB-HIS light grey 1
SB-HIS-2 grey 2
SB-HIS-3 green 3
SB-HIS-4 dark grey 4
SB-HIS-5 white 5
SBC 1,0 to 12,0 W/mK
SBC is a thermally conductive, electrically insulating, unreinforced gap filling material. SBC is a filled silicone elastomer. It is soft, elastic and allows easy handling and converting without the need for reinforcement. SBC type material is very conformable and ensure a good interfacing contact to all kind of rough surfaces. All these characteristics make this material ideal for low and mid pressure applications that use either clip or screw mounted assembly. SBC Type material is natural tacky on both sides. Parts stay in place during application assembly. The material is supplied with protective liners on both sides of the material.
DETAKTA Type Color W/mK
SBC pink 1,5
SBC-3 light grey 3
SBC-5 grey 5
SBC-7 dark grey 7
SBC-12 grey 12
SB-V0 – 0,9 to 7,0 W/mK - Soft Pads with Glass Reinforcement
Modification of the SBC Type Materials. This range has an additional Glass reinforcement on one side which give a good dimensional stability and allow large parts even in low thicknesses.
DETAKTA Type Color W/mK
SB-V0 pink / grey 1,3
SB-V0YF yellow / white 0,9
SB-V0-3 pink / light grey 3
SB-V0-7 pink / dark grey 7
Special Type TIM
Special type TIM and custom made foil and pad material for high electrical stress or high thermal conductivity.
DETAKTA Type Color Characteristic
high dielectric strength - thin foil
Thermaphase 8840, 8841 and 8842 white Phase Change material on Kapton MT Foil
electric conductive - high thermal conductivity
SB-GR Grafitfolie black high temperature resistance up to +350°C, high thermal condcutivity 8 W/mK
Thermafoil 8843SW black Filled phase change material on aluminium carrier foil.
Double Sided Adhesive Transfer Tape
SB-1066C and 1066 D white 0.28 mm with 1 W/mK and 0.16 mm with 2.4 W/mK Adhesive Transfer Tape