About us

Founded more than 75 years ago as Pfeiffer&Co., the company was focused initially on importing
Mica from India, processing and manufacturing insulation parts for the german electrical industry in Hamburg.

From 1963 the company is named DETAKTA.
The range of products and services has expanded and grow substantially.
In 1987 a new office and warehouse was build and we move to Norderstedt, near to Hamburg Airport.
This facility has extended capacity and allow an even better customer service.


We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality) and DIN EN ISO 14001 (environment).
All products are in accordance to the EU-directive 2002/95/EG, 2002/96/EG and 2003/11/EG.

Individual technical support due to more than 75 years experience with the application of our products.
To meet customers and to show new or improved products, we take part of trade fairs in germany.

Our extensive stock allows us to effect shipments within 24 hrs.
We offer a wide range of standard insulating materials for electrical and electronic application.

Due to our long lasting experience and excellent worldwide contacts and resources,
we can support you with a wide range of material and special, cusom made solution.