Flexible Insulating products

Flexible - reinforced and unsupported insulation product for amy thermal insulating classes used in elctronic, chemical and food & drug industry.
Insulation materials reinforced
Product Silicone-Elastic-Glassfibre 1040 Silicon-Glass fabric 1030
Description High flexibility in diagonal direction. Low expansion in longitudinal direction Very high thermal stability for use in high duty motors and transformers
Temperature +180°C +180°C
Carrier glass fabric glass fabric
Impregnation Silicone- Elastomer Silicone-resin
Thickness 0,18-0,5 mm 0,13 mm
Width/Size from 7 mm from 10 mm
Product PTFE-Glass fabric A-Qualität PTFE-Glass fabric AP-Qualität
Description not adhesive one side adhesive
Temperature +260°C +260°C
Carrier glass fabric glass fabric
Impregnation PTFE PTFE
Thickness 0,08-0,25 mm 0,08-0,25 mm
Width/Size from 10 mm Std. 1000 mm from 10 mm Std. 1000 mm
Customized cut width supplied on on 30 m rolls
Open mesh, anti static, belts and sealtapes etc. up to 0,75 mm thickness. Customized parts acc. drawing on request.
Unreinforced foils
Product Polyimide-foil Polyimide-film
Description Excellent physical, electrical and mechanical properties within a wide temperature range. one side adhesive Acrylic or Polysiloxane Adhesive thickness: abt. 30 µm
Temperature -269 to +400°C +155 resp. +180°C
Carrier Polyimide Polyimide
Thickness 0,0125 - 0,127 mm 0,025 and 0,05 mm
Width/Size as well with UL-Zulassung
Product Polyester-foil Polyester-foil
Description Mylar A Foil Hostaphan RN
Temperature -70 to +150°C -196 to +130°C
Carrier Polyester Polyester
Thickness 0,1 - 0,35 mm 0,1 - 0,50 mm
Width/Size customized UL-File E93687 customized UL-File E53895
Polyimide- and Polyester adhesive dots, double-sided adhesive Polyimide-tapes, parts acc. customized drawings.
Product Silicone-foil Silicone-foil
Description platinum catalyzed, translucent, abt. 60° Shore A, acc. BfR, FDA (USP on request) peroxyde, translucent, diff. Shore hardnesses, with or without talc (with release liner)
Temperature -60 to +250°C -60 to +200°C
Carrier Silicone Silicone
Thickness 0,25 / 0,5 / 1,0 / 1,25 / 1,5 mm ab 0,1 mm
Width/Size 200 x 200 mm 300 x 300 mm Rolls with: Width 300mm Length: 50m
Product Silicone-foil resp. Sheets PTFE-skived foil
Description peroxyde catalyzed in 40 or 60° Shore A Colours: natural and red
Temperature +200 resp. +250°C +260°C
Carrier Silicone PTFE
Thickness 0,5 - 10 mm 0,05 - 3 mm
Width/Size 1200mm from 10 mm Std. 1000 mm
Product PTFE-skived foil type SKAP
Description one side adhesive
Temperature +200°C
Carrier PTFE
Thickness 0,08 - 0,5 mm
Width/Size from 10 mm Std. 1000 mm
Hier wird der Sonder Type 5 angezeigte
PTFE-cast films, with or without adhesive. Special products with e.g. copper foil as well as customized parts acc. drawing