Insulating Tubes

Unreinforced sleevings made off different materials for applications in all common thermal insulating classes. Due to various materials with individual properties, like flexibility, chemical and/or thermal resistance we can serve the need of many industries. Some of them can be maufactured acc. to food grade or medical specifications.
Approval UL
Annex up to 90°C up to 105°C up to 105°C
Temperature -20 to +90°C -20 to +105°C -35 to +105°C
Dialectric strength 20 kV/mm acc. Datasheet >20kV/mm
Dimensions 0,3 to 30 mm 0,3 to 16mm 0,5 to 15,0 mm
Standards IEC 60684 / DIN 40621b IEC 60684-3-100/105 UL 224
Remark Standard Stock quality quality for customized small series printed with relevant UL-data
Product Silicone DE-SKS Polyimid
Approval UL
Annex seamless
Temperature -60 to +200°C -50 to +180°C -80 to +240°C
Dialectric strength abt. 18 kV/mm ≥ 20 kV/mm abt. 40 kV/mm
Dimensions 0,2 to 140 mm 0,5 to 12,0 mm 0,3 to 12,0 mm
Standards IEC 60684 / DIN 40628 UL 224
Remark also acc. BfR/FDA various types, with fabric, stainless steel etc. wall from 0,00635 mm
Product Polyimid PTFE
Annex spirally wound laminated with FEP
Temperature -60 to +240°C -200 to +260°C
Dialectric strength 4kV/mil abt. 40-80 kV/mm* *measured on 0,254 mm foil
Dimensions 0,66 to 50,8 mm 0,2 to 50,0 mm AWG 30 to 0
Remark wall from 0,0254 mm UL approval possible
Product <a href="t3://page?uid=30">SHR&nbsp;<em class="fa fa-link" aria-hidden="true"></em> </a>
Dialectric strength
Remark <a href="t3://page?uid=30" style="color: black;">cable protection sleeving made of PP or PA for fast and effective bundling of cables. The insertion of the cables is supported by an auxiliary tool. Operating temperature from -40 to +100°C (depending on type)</a>
Special products
e.g. with shorehardnesses between 20° and 80°A or thermal resistance up to +300°C
Customized cut length we quote on request.

Special types made off peroxide or platinum catalized silicone e.g. for medical use (endoscopy) with very thin wallthicknesses from 0,1 mm with a comparative great Id. of e.g. 5,0 mm. USP or ISO 10993-5 compatible qualities possible.